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My Math Room – Preschool Numbers and Math for Kids

Welcome to the Math Room. Invite your kids in and let them begin their educational journey in the world of numbers and math. “My Math Room” is an early learning app that teaches kids about numbers and helps them build up basic mathematical skills. Playing various levels, children are introduced to numbers, counting and mathematical

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Super Pairs: Cards Match – Pair Matching Puzzle Game for Kids

DOWNLOAD for FREE on the App Store Super Pairs: Cards Match is a great educational game for kids that trains their memory and stimulates brain activity while they play. Children love playing games. We all know that but wouldn’t it be wonderful if they learn something new while having fun? While playing Super Pairs: Cards Match,

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Math Fun for Kids – Learning Numbers, Addition and Subtraction Made Easy

DOWNLOAD for FREE on the App Store Math Fun is a great way for kids to learn more about numbers and build up basic mathematical skills. It’s a fun and entertaining game, which engages the child’s attention and makes learning numbers, addition and subtraction an enjoyable experience. There are 4 chapters included in the game:

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