Top 10 Best Math Apps For Kids (Updated 2023)

1. Pure Math – Math,Brain,Memory (Mental Math, Brain Training)

Practice and improve your math skills with Pure Math. Play and practice just a few minutes a day and keep your mind sharp. Great brain training for you to increase your confidence and speed at mental math.

No matter if it’s addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, we guarantee you hours of practice. And every time you play it’s a different experience. Questions are always random.

With its increasing difficulty, Pure Math is suitable for all ages – kids, students, grown-ups. Pure practice and learning. We store your progress, so you can continue where you left. The faster you answer the questions, the more points you get.

In Math Arcade mode you get to complete levels with increasing difficulty starting from the most basic tasks. The levels are divided into 5 main categories – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, and Mixed Mode.

Math Practice mode allows you to create custom practice sessions depending on the operations you wish to train. You can also select custom practice duration, difficulty level, and custom numbers.

Learning math tables has never been easier. Play Math Tables, repeat a few times a day, and train your memory.

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2. Math Learner: Cool Maths Games (Learning game for classroom)

Have fun while learning math with this amazing app with a proven methodology. Work through the levels and learn the basics for a solid mathematics understanding!

– The best app for learning math based on a proven japanese methodology.
– Learn mathematics and improve your skills!
– Study through the levels and master the main mathematical operations! New content will be added in the future!

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3. Math Brain Booster Games (Play & Excel at Mental Math)

Want to INCREASE productivity of your mind?
With this app you’ll improve ATTENTION, REACTION and VELOCITY of mind! Just run and solve simple tasks with time limit. Simple, isn’t it?

When a person solves simple arithmetic exercises on the rate, in the cerebral cortex are utilized areas which responsible for MEMORY, ATTENTION, LOGICAL THINKING. Therefore, the more a person does these exercises, the more he develop his mind & his mathematical skills.

‘Math Brain Booster’ consists of different training modes, each of them consists of sequences of simple arithmetical tasks.
All you have to do is concentrate on problem solving and try to solve as many as possible in limited time. In a while you will feel progress in task solving and growing of your mind.

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4. Duolingo Math: Learn, Practice (Math Lessons & Brain Training)

Math can be fun. For everyone. From bite-sized lessons and effortless learning to streaks and gamification, Duolingo Math takes everything you love about Duolingo and brings it to math. Whether you’re an adult who wants to strengthen your everyday math skills, or a student studying math for the first time, you’ll absolutely love learning with Duolingo Math. Plus, you can do it anywhere, anytime.

Learn by doing, not viewing. Math is usually taught with textbooks, videos and lectures. But, math is a lot more fun when you can touch it, break it into pieces, and move it around. This is the new way to learn math. Train your brain with something that’s actually useful. Brain training apps and sudoku can be a good mental challenge, but they aren’t helping you develop a valuable skill. Improving your mental math skills with Duolingo Math will come in handy all the time.

What does Duolingo Math teach?
Elementary math, including topics like multiplication, addition, and fractions for students
Everyday math skills for adults to exercise their brains

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5. Khan Academy Kids: Learning (Learn Math, Reading & Writing)

Khan Academy Kids makes learning fun with thousands of educational games, books, and activities that inspire a lifetime of learning and discovery for children ages 2-8.

Learning is joyful on Khan Academy Kids – the award-winning educational program for toddlers and kids. Thoughtfully designed by experts, our learning app helps children develop key skills while having fun.

Explore math games, spelling activities, digital books, and more. Kids can learn reading, phonics, writing, and social-emotional development through fun educational games and lessons. Find thousands of activities, from abc games for kids to 2nd grade books. Your child can learn with catchy songs and yoga videos – while having fun moving, dancing, and getting the wiggles out.

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6. MentalUP Educational Games (1000+ Games & Fitness for Kids)

Ready for an adventure? Download and experience the magic of learning with teacher-made educational games. Discover a true miracle for curious minds!

Fun Brain Games, Educational Learning Games, Personal Skill-Based Games, Multiple Intelligences Activites, Certified IQ Tests and, In-Depth Results, Fun Competitions & Live Events, Fitness Exercises at Home Without Equipment, Personal Daily Workouts (Games & Fitness), Reports on Where You Excel and Where You Need to Improve, Surprising Features in the Adventure Path and Much More…

All kids of age 4-13, and even adults liked it!

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7. Prodigy Math Game (Math Practice for Grade 1-8)

Ready for an AWESOME math adventure? With Prodigy Math Game, players explore new worlds, embark on heroic quests and battle friends to collect prizes, pets and more — all while practicing math!

Each player creates a character that represents them as they start their adventure. These characters, or wizards, embark on a unique journey, taking players from level 1 all the way up to level 100! As they play, their wizards get stronger, collect more items and unlock more zones.

With Prodigy Math Game, kids don’t have to choose between homework time and playtime! As they compete in battles against monsters or other players, they’ll answer skill-building math questions to succeed. Prodigy Math Game has been designed by educators to make learning fun!

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8. Photomath (Math explained, step-by-step)

Get the math app that gets you! Photomath is the world’s most useful math learning platform, with millions of learners of all levels checking homework, studying for tests, and making new math discoveries every month.

Basic solution steps and explanations are totally FREE, but if you’re ready for a brand new world of learning, Photomath Plus gives you access to a lot more features.

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9. Math Club: Math Learning Games (Cool Games for Math Learner)

Learning math is fun and easy with the Math Club! Master all arithmetic operations through an interactive learning game.

You will start with the basics and build your math skills lesson by lesson! Spend just a few minutes a day with the Math Club, and you will soon be able to crack any arithmetic problem!

Pick a character – a princess or a sheriff – to lead you through study levels and cheer you up. With this fun yet efficient game-like program, learning math is a captivating adventure!

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10. TinyTap: Kids’ Learning Games (Toddlers & Preschool Games)

TinyTap is the #1 educational app for toddlers and preschoolers that will turn their screen time into an active learning experience.

200,000+ interactive learning games
Personalized game recommendations
An abundance of subjects
Curated content made by teachers, therapists, and educators worldwide
Including games Oxford University Press

An effortless way to get the best educational content
A step-by-step learning plan to reach developmental milestones in their own pace
Learn and practice key skills and subjects according to their age and needs

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