My Math Room – Preschool Numbers and Math for Kids



Welcome to the Math Room. Invite your kids in and let them begin their educational journey in the world of numbers and math.

“My Math Room” is an early learning app that teaches kids about numbers and helps them build up basic mathematical skills.

Playing various levels, children are introduced to numbers, counting and mathematical operations, such as addition and subtraction. They can practice counting and learn to find the missing number in a given sequence.
The questions are always random and kids are rewarded with a star when 5 correct answers are given.

There are 5 levels in the game:
– Addition (up to 5)
– Addition (up to 10)
– Subtraction
– Count the balls
– The missing number

The drag and drop interface, cute graphics, music and sounds keep children engaged and make learning an enjoyable experience.

• Privacy and Parental Control
We are very careful about children’s privacy and we know how important it is for you. “My Math Room” does not collect any personal information and comes with a built-in parental control. Visit our privacy policy page for more information.


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Price: FREE     Devices: iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch     Link: DOWNLOAD