Underwater Alphabet: ABC for Kids



“Underwater Alphabet: ABC for Kids” is a fun educational game that teaches kids about the letters of the English alphabet.

Playing mini games, toddlers and preschoolers will learn by sight, sound and touch. They will solve puzzles, match letter pairs, write letters, learn to pronounce each of them, and many more.

All the games in “Underwater Alphabet: ABC for Kids” provide an exciting experience for the little ones. They keep them engaged, develop their skills and make learning an enjoyable process.

– ABC Puzzles: Drag the pieces of the letter back to their places
– Pair Matching: Take a letter and drag it to it’s silhouette
– Write Letters: Learn to write each letter of the alphabet
– The Missing Letter: Find the missing letter in the presented sequence of 4 letters
– Letter Sounds: Listen to the voice and tap on the letter that you hear
– Letters Playground: Play with letters, get creative, make words

“Underwater Alphabet: ABC for Kids” supports Family Sharing so you can share it with other members of your family. You can learn more about Family Sharing on Apple’s website: https://www.apple.com/icloud/family-sharing/

We are very careful about children’s privacy and we know how important it is for you. “Underwater Alphabet: ABC for Kids” does not collect any personal information and comes with a built-in parental control. Visit our privacy policy page for more information.

Buy the app once and enjoy it. No ads, no hidden in-app purchases. All the game’s content is available to you when you download it.


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Price: $2.99     Devices: iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch     Link: DOWNLOAD