Alphabet Turtle for Kids – Children Learn Letters and Alphabet


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Alphabet Turtle is a great way for kids to learn letters and alphabet. It’s a fun and entertaining game with puzzles, matching letter levels and tracing letters with fingers, which keeps children busy and makes learning letters an enjoyable experience.

Each letter is presented in three different levels. The first one is a fun puzzle game, where a letter is divided into three parts and kids have to arrange them in the proper configuration, so they make the letter.

The second level is a matching-style game. There is one main letter, which children can drag around with their finger and four other small letters. The goal is to drag the main letter to the matching smaller one.

The third part is all about writing letters. There is a letter silhouette on the board and children have to trace the letter with their finger, so that they get idea of how to write the letter.


All those different types of levels make Alphabet Turtle a fun and entertaining way for kids to learn letters and alphabet.

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